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Best Football Betting Tips You Should Know

Football ranks as arguably the world’s most popular sport. It’s no surprise therefore to learn that football betting is also highly popular. Does the popularity of football betting in turn mean that this is a rewarding activity? There is no universal answer to this. Depending on the betting tips and strategies you use, football betting can indeed be a rewarding and fascinating adventure or it can also be a boring and financially draining exercise.

In picking the football betting tips and strategies to use, useful general tips should always take precedence over the common mistakes and betting myths. To learn which of the betting tips sit on either side of the aisle, simply spare a few moments to check out this comprehensive football betting tips guide.

Useful Football Betting General Tips

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Shop Around for the Best Odds

One of the biggest advantages of online betting sites over land-based establishments is that you can find dozens if not hundreds of sites in just a small amount of time. Thanks to this, you can shop around for bookmakers that offer the most valuable odds for the events you want to bet on. While loyalty is a virtue in all other aspects of life, it can be a vice in the betting industry if you limit yourself to just one or a couple of sportsbooks. The more you shop around for better value odds, the more you stand a chance of winning big.

Research Before Placing Any Bet

In as much as anyone can strike gold by placing a successful bet, what differentiates the seasoned pros from the amateurs is the consistency with which they place successful bets. This consistency comes from research. Research allows the punter to get a much better insight into the teams that are going head to head. Things like current form, head-to-head record, injuries, and suspensions may affect the outcome of a game meaning research will arm the punter with the proper armoury to succeed. Even when relying on tipster insights, just know that some tipsters focus more on major leagues. If you want to bet on lesser heralded leagues, you will have to do your research.

Keep Track of all Past Bets and Results

Betting is a recreational activity but it’s advisable to treat it like a professional activity. This means you need to keep track of the records whenever you place your bets. Both successful and unsuccessful bets should be recorded. When you develop this culture, you can see a clear pattern of which types of bets are good for you – winning-wise and which ones to step away from. Thanks to the ingenuity of modern web developers, some betting sites automatically record the activity of all punters. As such, you can easily request a copy (spreadsheet) of your betting history and see the types of bets that bring you the most success.

Maintain your Discipline

In betting, anything can happen – you may win and you can lose. When winning, you should be able to go with the flow and see where lady luck takes you. Likewise, when losing, it’s important to weather the storm without losing your composure. Losing your composure will lead you to chase after losses and in turn, engage in compulsive betting. This is a recipe for disaster that will bring unfavourable and disastrous results. Patience, discipline, and adhering strictly to your bankroll management plan therefore are key virtues that you need to adhere to strictly during your gaming sessions.

Take Advantage of the Bookies’ Bonus and Promo Offers

Another great advantage of online betting sites is that they offer bonuses and promotional perks. These are offered to retain the existing players and to attract new punters. A great thing about the bonuses and promotions is that they make it possible for the player to win some freebies. These may come in the form of free bets or free wagering credits. Thanks to this, you can place bets without using your own cash but stand a chance of winning real money payouts. In recent times, some sportsbooks have made it a habit to offer ridiculously enhanced odds. Whatever form the bonus or promo comes in, the guarantee is that you will gain great value from minimal risk.

Football Betting Mistakes to Avoid

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Blindly Following the Favourite

For most betting events, there will be a clear favourite and an underdog. The favourite comes with low odds but a greater chance of winning. The underdog on the other hand has high odds but a lower chance of winning. As most punters are driven by the desire to win, they tend to flock towards the favourite. This however should not be standard practice for any player. Rather, players should do their research before placing bets instead of blindly following the favourite.

Using Just One Betting Market

In football (not football betting), the outcome of the match is the most important factor. The match outcome determines who goes on to win the league/tournament and who exits or is relegated. While this is the case, this concept should not be copied into football betting. Instead of just placing 1X2 (match outcome bets), it’s recommended that punters take their time in exploring all the other football betting markets such that they place bets only for markets with great value odds.

Overly Relying on Tipster Insights

Performing a Google search for betting tips from specialist tipsters will return lots of results. Unfortunately, not all of these are genuine nor do they offer thoroughly researched pieces of advice. Owing to this, overly relying on insights from some of the ‘tipsters’ may spell doom for your betting adventure. Doing your own research is the alternative route to take.

Round Up

Football betting is a fun adventure. If properly done, it’s also highly rewarding. Some punters however may not experience the fun element and may not see the rewarding nature of football betting. This is necessitated by the fact that they will not be employing the trusted betting tips and strategies known for bringing the desired results. It is these trusted betting tips and strategies that are exposed and explored in this guide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. What does it mean to bet on a football match?

Placing a bet on a football match entails predicting the outcome or any other occurrence that’s likely to happen during the game.

Q2. Can I win real money from football betting?

Yes, it’s possible to win real money from football betting. All that’s required is to play at a trusted betting site that accepts real cash wagers.

Q3. What are the popular football betting markets?

The most popular football betting markets include the match outcome, correct score, both teams to score, and double chance markets.

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